Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WP7 phone update

So my new HTC Titan pops up a message saying "An update is available.
 Updates can make your phone work better and add new features. They can also make your phone more secure. To learn more and install this update, connect your phone to your computer. Your phone will continue to check regularly for updates."

Wait, what?! Connect my phone to my computer. Why can't it just go ahead and install the update now? This WP7 is really backwards, hope Microsoft can get it updated (:P) to handle things without connecting a computer all the time.

New phone!

I just bought a new phone. A HTC Titan, with Windows Phone 7.5. I'm excited to try WP7. Previously I've had an Android phone (Nexus One), but I think WP7 might have potential.

After playing with it yesterday I think the look and feel is really nice. One big drawback though. I opened up the Zune player and was happy to find a "podcasts" option, since this is a big part of what I use my phone for.

Big was my disappointment when I saw the message "Connect to your computer to synchronise podcasts."(!) when selecting the option. I haven't connected my phone to my computer to get podcasts since I owned a Ipod Touch 3 or 4 years ago. On my N1 I could subscribe to and automatically download podcasts onto my phone.
Huge potential for improvement here Microsoft.

Until they get it fixed I'm trying out Podcasts! app from Meltingpot software.